Advanced Loading Screen

Advanced Loading Screen is an asset i built for the unity asset store to help developers decrese the amount of time needed to get the right loading screen in every game. with built in unity UGUI their is no extra learning needed. just call a method and you can be changing scenes in style in no time.
Only Loading Screen Asset that supports additive and additive merge loading on the asset store!

Loading Types
-Asynchronous Loading
-Fake Loading System with simple animation curves
-Additive & Additive merge Loading

-Supports Windows,Mac,Linux & Mobile
-Built on top of unity's native UGUI
-Custom editors
-Source Code
-Developer Logs for easy debugging
-3000+ Lines of carefully crafted code
-Custom coded Audio controls
-Tip System display random game tips & tips by duration
-Loading Bar/Wheel & Text system
-Fade System
-Transition System
-Background System
-Input for PC & Mobile Devices
-Pulsing Text
-Templates & Overlay effects
-Drag & Drop Templates
-1 line integration into your project or use the code free prefab to load any scene
-Included overlays for those who want to use game screenshots for a quick loading screen
-10+ Drag and drop Templates

Fine tune control over each of these elements

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